Omid is an Embedded Sotware Engineer with over than 7 years of experience in industry.

Omid received a BS in Telecommunication engineering in 2012, from sadjad university of technology, and a Msc. in Embedded System security, safety and integrity in 2020, from University of Grenoble-INP.

He is a PhD candidate in CESCA Lab of Radboud university from 2020 and he’s main focuse is on Side-channel simulators for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. His PhD advisers are Lejla Batina and Ileana Buhan.

Omid is an Embedded software engineer focusing on side-channel attacks and simulators mainly for ARM microcontrollers. Particularly microarchitectural profilling for side-channel simulator design based on machine learning algorithm.

curriculum vitae CV as pdf



Omid Bazangani
Department of Digital Security
Radboud University
Mercator Building
Toernooiveld 200
The Netherland

Phone: 0642923519